Sunday, 28 December 2014

Support Toilet Building & WASH For School & Community Project


Join Us in Our Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo.
We Need Your Support for Building Toilets and Behavior Change Communication Program.
We can't do It Alone, We Need Your Support!!!!!

Heeals is a young and dynamic Indian organisation, working hard in local villages to make school a better place to grow for children, and particularly girls.
As you may know, there is a huge lack of sanitation facilities in India. Schools are ill-equiped with safe toilets (particularly girl toilets), and menstrual hygiene is often a taboo.
What's why Heeals is going into schools to share awareness with local children on the importance of safe sanitation and hygiene, and to try to improve sanitation conditions there.
For our new campaign, we need your help to:
- empower children with education and awareness on safe sanitation and hygiene in 45 villages, thanks to drama, painting, poster design, etc... activities!
- start improving sanitation facilities in local schools (starting with 9 villages).
Please find more here:
If you feel concerned by our work, if you feel that every child deserves the best, if you believe in children, in girls potential, if you feel that Christmas spirit is all around...
Why not Sharing our page, Spreading the word around you and Inviting your friends and families to share our page?
Thanks everyone!
We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas...HO HO HO And Happy New Year -2015

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