Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"End Caste Violence"

From many centuries, Dalits and Tribes are oppressed by the upper caste people .violence towards marginalised communities is still continue . Dalits and Tribal women are the most one who became the victims of upper caste violence . They were betten, tortured, degraded and raped by them. Many incidents of atrocities on Dalits & Tribe are still going on in different states of India. A very little of them are came into notice. We are heard of many incidents of house burning of dalits by upper caste and landlords. They were forcefully removed from their villages and homes. Even media doesn’t give much importance to these incidents instead of this; they give much more importance to rich class events news.
“Savari “an online platform for anti –violence forum, recently launched to show cause the relationship between caste and violence.
The main motive of caste violence is to maintain the caste rigidity and to maintain the cast order. Caste rigidity turns into caste violence and killing millions of dalits and tribals everyday. This caste violence creates domination over low caste men. Caste violence increased sexual abuse and assault by upper caste people on dalits and tribal women.
They became the victims of sexual humiliation; they were stripped in front of whole village, and paraded naked on streets. All these humiliation is just because they are dalits and tribal people.
Caste violence intentionally created by upper caste people to hold the social ,economic  and political power of the society .Despite SC&ST population is more than upper caste ,they does not hold much power in decision making authority in government and private sector .
To make India at par with developed nation, we need to end the this caste violence .Fraternity became strong if we create and promote equal opportunity for all. Which is very much in need for the people’s development? We have to end the inequality among the citizen of our country, so that every every citizen can avails the country resources for their personnel as well as country development . casteism is major hurdle in the way of country  development  .
Recently a Dalit women reach to Untied Nation to lobby for their rights .To raise voice against gender based and caste based discrimination.
For the growth of country we need to remove the caste rigidity .Only through secularism and caste free society we can bring peace and welfare to our people .

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